Electric blinds with Alexa… Voice activated blinds !

Electric blinds with Alexa is only something that has been available for the last few month, but it is pretty cool. Our powerview range of blinds can all be voice activated via Alexa. The future really is here. Order any blind from the powerview range and the only extra cost to make your electric blinds […]

What are Top Down Blinds ?

Top down blinds have become more and more popular over the last few years. Traditional blinds like Roller blinds, Pleated blinds and Roman blinds are installed at the top of you’re window and move down to cover the window. The big issue with this way of covering your window is privacy, the only way you […]

What blinds are best for bi fold doors

The past few years have seen a move from the more traditional sliding patio doors to French Doors and more recently bi-fold doors.  Bi fold doors look fantastic but are not suitable for the more traditional style of window blinds, so as trends change so do our products. There are 2 ideal products for this type […]