Window Blinds that reduce heat

I need window blinds that reduce heat because: I can’t sleep at night My conservatory is like an oven I can’t enjoy sitting on my patio My staff are complaining. These are all comments I’ve heard numerous times over the last few weeks. The proof is here that the right blinds really do make a […]

Blinds without screws…no holes no drilling.

We are getting ask more and more for blinds without screws. Mostly in nice new shiny conservatories where there is a concern about guarantees etc. But are now getting requests for blinds inside the home. INTU Blinds were design with this in mind. They are designed to be installed with the brackets simply pushing behind the […]

How much does a patio awning cost ?

How much does a patio awning cost ? will come down to a few simple questions. How much work are you willing to do yourself ? You can buy awnings from a local DIY store for as little as £99. This option you will have a somewhat limited choice. In sizes available, the fabric selection and […]

What are the best bathroom blinds ?

What are the best bathroom blinds? This is a question we get asked fairly often. There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right bathroom blinds. First and this is the most important point, make sure the fabric or the blind type is suitable for moist conditions. Over the […]