Window blinds that keep the cold out.

“Window blinds that keep the cold out, what do you recommend?” is something we hear a lot this time of year.

The honest answer is all window blinds will help keep the cold out, if you use them properly.

It is very simple, close your blinds in the early evening and leave them closed until the morning. This will keep as much heat inside your home as possible.

This video will help explain……

All blinds will help keep the cold out, but some work much better than others.

I always use a good,better and best way of advising customers.

Window Blinds that keep the cold out: Good 

Roller blinds with a blackout fabric are a very cost effective way of having something that looks nice at your windows that provide a good level of insulation.

Roller blinds are a much better option than say Vertical or Wooden Venetian Blinds as they have a single piece of fabric rather than several slats which have more gaps for the heat to escape.


Highland roller blinds

Window Blinds that keep the cold out: Better

Roman Blinds are a great option when it comes to window blinds that keep the cold out.

Most Roman Blinds are lined, which means they have a fabric that faces into the room and a plain fabric sewn on the reverse, so you have a double thickness of fabric.

The double fabric helps keep more heat in your home, also Roman blinds have fabric that runs right to the end of the blinds so there will be a very small gaps between the wall and the blind (less gaps = less heat escaping)

dining room blinds

Window blinds that keep the cold out: Best

The very best window blinds that keep the cold out are Duette blinds.

Duette blinds have a honeycomb design which helps trap a layer of air inside the blind, so the blind works in a similar way to your double glazing. Making them fantastic for insulation.

The same as the roman blinds the duette blinds are designed so the fabric can go to the full width of the blind again reducing the gaps between the walls and the blind, so less heat loss.

I will warn you that duette are blinds are not cheap, but they do a great of of reducing your heating bill in the winter.

A visit to your local blind showroom would be well worth it, so you can look at all of the options and decide which best suits you are your home.

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