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    Wooden Venetian Blinds

    •  253 Traditional Wood Colours including painted and stained finishes.
    • 34 Privacy Wood Colours perfect for bedroom blinds.
    • 18 Faux Wood Colours ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and en-suites.

    Bring the warmth and beauty of nature into your home

    Wooden Venetian blinds provide an elegant and timeless style. Constructed from the finest responsibly sourced woods, Barlow Blinds supplies unmatched wooden Venetian blinds in Leicester. Our wooden blinds in Leicester are available in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes. 

    Explore the wide range of wooden Venetian blinds Barlow Blinds offer and discover designs that complement your home’s interior décor and style.

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    What Are Wooden Venetian Blinds?

    Venetian blinds use slim horizontal slats suspended on purpose-built ladder chords. You can open and close them by twisting a cord that controls the slats, giving you complete control over the natural light and airflow entering your home. You can also raise and lower Venetian blinds with ease. The right material can transform Venetian blinds with options ranging from aluminium, plastic, and wood.

    Wooden Venetian blinds require less maintenance than aluminium and are easy to clean. They also come in a variety of styles and designs. Whatever your preference, there are colours and adaptations that match the interior of any home. If you want blinds that complement your home, look no further than our unique natural wooden Venetian blinds.

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    Totally Child Safe Blinds with no hanging cords.

    The Easy rise Wooden Venetian range is the only one on the market with the easy rise option.

    Easy rise allows you to raise and lower the blinds simply by lifting or twisting the bottom bar. Making cords a thing of the past.

    The great thing about us being a Dealer is that you can be confident that we will always have the very latest in window blind design

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    Discover Wooden Venetian Blinds That Match Your Home

    When you’re changing any part of your home’s interior design, focus on the small details. The little details are what transform a house into a home. Wooden Venetian blinds are a big part of the style and décor of your home, but their finishing touches are what make them stand out.

    At Barlow Blinds in Leicester, we understand that the small details on the blinds we install make a massive difference. That’s why all our clients can choose from a collection of decorative tapes and have the decisive choice on every detail.

    If you prefer a simple style, choose from a range of solid and vibrant colours. For more detailed designs, our team offers intricate and eclectic styles that are perfect for your taste. Barlow Blinds provides wooden blinds in Leicester that are perfect for your home, whatever your preferred style or design is.

    Our Luxaflex Supreme Woode range is for people who only want to install perfect wooden blinds in their homes. The range is built from the highest-quality real oak, walnut, ash, and teak. This creates an unmatched natural finish where every slat has unique grains and textures.

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    Why Choose Wooden Venetian Blinds?

    Wooden Venetian blinds are not only stylish but practical too. They’re simple to operate, both when raising and lowering the slats and twisting the slats to control airflow and the entry of natural light. Venetian blinds, especially when constructed from wood, are available in different sizes, beautiful colours, and varying slat widths.

    Barlow Blinds’ Luxaflex Wooden Venetian range features a unique safety mechanism called the Literise option. It allows you to raise and lower the blinds by lifting or twitching the bottom bar, removing the need for any loose hanging chords. The Luxaflex Wooden Venitain range offers the only blinds available with the Literise feature that guarantee they’re completely safe for homes with children.

    As a Luxaflex Inspiration Dealer, Barlow Blinds deliver the latest window blind designs.

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    Wooden Venetian Blinds Built For You

    Whether you want natural wooden blinds or Venetian faux wood blinds, our team at Barlow Blinds delivers you the right choice for your home. We design and build blinds perfect for you. Made to measure blinds are constructed to your exact specifications, design choices, and fully fitted by our experienced installation team.

    Wooden Venetian blinds are durable and water-resistant, which makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. As you have control over the tilting of the slats, this allows you to manage your privacy and the amount of natural light entering the room. This makes them a great choice for bedrooms, however, the design will vary depending on which room you would like to install Venetian blinds.

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Wooden Blinds From Ilumin8

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