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Quality, Value, and Service; the three values you can be sure of when you come to Barlow Blinds. They haven’t changed since the company was founded in Leicester in 1887 – we hold them as dear to our hearts now as we did then. Why? It’s simple; you deserve the best.

It’s our experience and reliability that guarantees you get the perfect solution for your needs.

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    There’s more to blinds than just covering a window.

    Perhaps you’re looking for a blind that will help stop your children waking up thanks to the summer sun. Maybe you want to avoid your carpet and furniture fading in the sun. Or it could be your rooms are just getting too hot and you want to stop this happening. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure we’ve the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the finished results you’re looking for.

    You can choose from our range of blinds with confidence, knowing that whichever one you choose we’ll have taken the time to choose the right materials and components – so you’re guaranteed the highest quality possible.

    The combination of modern mechanised processes with centuries old manual skills means attention is paid to the finer details and the results are fantastic.

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    A quick Barlow Blinds history lesson

    We were established in 1887 by Mr E.A Barlow with only one product Shop Awnings. Working from a small factory unit in Stanley Street, they quickly became the ‘go to guys’ for all your external blind needs. After 40 years of running a successful and growing business Mr Barlow decided it was time for a well earned retirement.

    Frank Coleman who was one of Mr Barlow’s employees bought the business and it has been in the Coleman family ever since. Mr Coleman’s letter to his suppliers following Mr Barlow’s retirement I love the last line of this letter “I am a Gentleman” which really would have mean’t something in 1927.

    Barlow Blinds continued to grow under Franks leadership adding new products to their portfolio. Frank’s son Alan then took the reigns and the company continued to grow both in size and reputation.

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    Alan Coleman on his way to another blind installation During the Second World War we stopped making blinds and started making blackout curtains. After the war came another factory move, this time to Green Lane Road where we stayed until 1998.

    Alan’s son Brian opened Leicester’s first blind showroom in 1976 due to the huge rise in popularity of Roller and Venetian Blinds. 1998 saw a move to a new factory on Brighton Road, Twice the size of Green Lane Road meaning we had the capacity and the space to truly move the business forward. Barlow Blinds is now run by Phil, Brian’s son and employs 14 people (including one member of staff who is 84 and has worked for us for over 40 years) The blinds we make may have changed over the year but we are still right at the cutting edge.

    Phil is on the management committee of the British Blind and Shutter Association and played a part in raising awareness of the child safety issues following several child fatalities. Phil also was part of the team that wrote the blind trade’s only NVQ qualification for blind installers. The company’s focus on quality and service was endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders. We are Leicester’s first Which? Trusted Trader endorsed blind company.

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