• Shutters Leicester

    At Barlow Blinds we offer shutters in Leicester that are more than just a window covering, they are more like a piece of furniture at your window.

    That doesn’t mean it is complicated, in fact we have made it very simple for you to design your perfect shutters in Leicester.

  • 5 simple steps to your perfect window shutters

    Step 1: What style of Window Shutter would you like?

    Would you like the shutters to cover all of your window or just the bottom section?

    Step 2: What size of vanes would you like?

    There are 3 vane widths 63mm, 76mm and 89mm. The wider the slat means less of them in your shutter which means more light will enter your room when the vanes are open.

  • Step 3: How do you want to operate your window shutters?

    2 different styles to open and close the vanes.

    Option 1 is central tilt rod on the front of your shutter, or Option 2 is Clearview with no visable rod, you simply twist the vanes to open and close.

    Step 4: Do you want your panel split?

    Each panel of your shutter can be split into independent sections, so if you want to close the bottom part of your shutter for privacy whilst leaving the top section open to allow light in, that’s no problem.

  • Step 5: What colour would you like?

    The simple part.

    Big decisions made and you are now 95% of the way towards your dream shutters, the other 5% is to do with how they are fitted and that something we can help with.

    To find the right Shutters in Leicester for your home call us on 0116 2769771



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