Blinds at a school
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Blinds at a school

What are the Best Type of Blinds For Schools?

Blinds should be part of every school classroom. Choosing the most suitable type of blind for each classroom is not always easy. There are so many different types, shapes and colours of blinds nowadays, that opting for the more appropriate one needs some guidance and thorough research. Maximum efficiency and safety, along with high productivity and good design are the most important factors schools should take into account in order to find the best blind on the market. Here is a thorough guide on the best type of blinds for schools.

Roller Blinds

Easy to function for both students and teachers, roller blinds are a traditional, yet efficient choice for classrooms. Whether you choose to install some motorised roller blinds to avoid the use of cords altogether, or you wish to stick to the more traditional version of these blinds that includes the pull cords attached to the walls with clips, this type of blind offers three major benefits: they are easy to use, safe and effective in light control during the day. 

Roller blinds possess the fewest moving parts compared to other blinds and that makes them less susceptible to damages. For this reason, manufacturers usually offer up to 5 years of warranty, while other types of blinds, like the popular Venetian blinds, are limited to 1-2 years. Another major benefit of roller blinds is the fact that they come in different fabrics, shapes and colours. The high-performance fabrics they’re usually made of are ideal for controlling the amount of light and heat that reaches the classroom during the day. 

Blinds in a classroom

Venetian Blinds

Always a traditional choice for many buildings, including school offices and classrooms. Venetian blinds offer the stylish tone that no other type of blind is capable of. Available mainly in aluminium or wood design, Venetian blinds combine functionality and efficacy with style and design. These blinds let users control the amount of light and heat that reach the classroom and they are ideal for presentations and generally occasions when you wish to eliminate the light in the room. 

Venetian blinds can be operated with the use of cords or wands, but in order to increase the safety associated with students, it is preferable that you attach the cords to the walls with solid clips. A disadvantage of those blinds compared to the roller ones is that they consist of various small plastic pieces that can get more easily damaged, particularly in an environment where children play around. 

Time to Decide…

Both roller blinds and venetian blinds are good choices of blinds for schools. They combine functionality and high-performance with elegance and customizable designs. Their main difference lies in their durability and as it seems, roller blinds are better in that field. In each case, schools should take into account the safety of children and the easiness of functionality when they choose to set up some new blinds. After all, the curious little hands of students can lead them to unfortunate situations if something possibly dangerous comes in their way. 

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