perfect fit shutters handle
perfect fit shutters handle

Perfect Fit Shutters no drilling, no screws

Perfect fit Shutters are a world first.

Perfect fit blinds have been around for years and are a great way of having blinds at your windows without having to drill and screw them into place.

Window shutters have never been an option for this type of hassle free installation… until now.

They fit the same way as other perfect fit blinds with brackets that push into the beading of your windows.

Not designed to replace traditional window shutters but to sit along side as an alternative that ticks a lot of boxes traditional shutters can’t.

We have a saying at Barlow Blinds “We don’t find the right customers for our blinds and shutters, we find the right blinds and shutters for our customers”

Perfect fit shutters: Price

Price is the most common reason we see with customers who really love the look and style of shutters but the cost puts them out of their reach.

When compared to traditional shutters the perfect fit option will be more a cost effective option.

Perfect fit shutters: Inward opening windows

Until now we have never been able to install any kind of window shutters in homes with windows that open inwards.

The perfect fit option fits to the window panel  and the shutter moves with the window rather the in front of the window and preventing them from opening.

Perfect fit shutter: Window sills.

Sounds silly I know but we do have a number of customers who move away from the idea of shutters because they like having things on their window sill.

You can see in the video and the photo below, there are photos and plants etc on the sills.

perfect fit shutters bathroom

Perfect fit shutters: Opening your windows.

Another question we get asked is ‘ when we have shutters how do we open our windows?

With traditional shutters the only way is to fold open the shutter panels, open the window then close them again.

perfect fit shutters handle

As you can see from the picture opening and closing your windows and doors is no problem.

Perfect fit shutter: Long waiting times

Most of the shutters  sold in the UK are imported from China

They delivered literally on the slow boat from China.

Delivery times are generally between 8 – 10 weeks.

Perfect fit shutters are 100% made in the UK, so delivery times are around 2 weeks.

perfect fit shutters UK factory

The Louvolite factory in Manchester. (We will be making them in Leicester very soon)

If you like the idea of perfect fit shutters and would like more advice please call 0116 2769771, Whats app us on 07718 186941

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