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Night and Day blinds….. roller blind with a twist

Night and day window blinds have taken the standard roller blind to a new level.

Night and day window blinds were designed to enable you to have the option being able to allow more light into your room whilst keeping a level of privacy.

The biggest complaint we get about traditional roller blind is that they are either up or they are down, so some people far cleverer than me came up with the idea of night and day window blinds.

Night and day blinds can also be called Vision Blinds, Twist Blinds and Duo Blinds depending on the brand you are looking at.

They all work the same way. Not easy to explain in works, so a video is the answer….


As you can see from the video night and day blinds look amazing, even moving them up and down is fun to watch.

So to explain a little more using pictures, night and day window blinds have 2 fabrics that move independently of each other, and when the voile part of the fabrics line up you allow more light in whilst still keeping a good level of privacy (see picture below)

Vision blinds in the open position

When you move the opaque panels so they are next to each other, you then have total privacy. (see below)

Vision blinds in the closed position

Modern blinds also means a modern selection of fabrics. Subtle whites and creams, some very bright and cheerful colours that really make a feature of your window and also very modern grey and silver fabrics.

Lime Green day and night blinds

Red day and night blind

Remote control is anther really nice feature, imagine not even having to get out of bed to open your blinds.

There are some many options for night and day window blinds that a visit to your local blind showroom could be be well worth it, so you can try before you buy.

I hope this information helps.

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