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How much do Conservatory Blinds cost ?

Interesting conversation with a customer about how much conservatory blinds cost, and what options are available.

Conservatory blinds for the windows will give you the most options when it comes to looks, practicality and budget.

Vertical conservatory blinds cost the least (depending on your choice of fabric) because one vertical blind can cover several windows up to a maximum width of 5 metres.

Depending on the shape and size of your conservatory you may only need 4 or 5 blinds to cover all of the windows, and the less blinds you have the cheaper your conservatory blinds cost.

The fabric choice for your vertical blinds is really important in a conservatory, the darker the fabric the more heat it will absorb, so the hotter your conservatory will get. So chose a light coloured fabric ideally with a reflective backing to keep as much heat as possible out of your conservatory.

The price you can expect to pay for Vertical Blinds for your conservatory will depend on your fabric choice and the size of your conservatory and could start from around £300.

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Roller Blinds would be the next option when it comes to  how much conservatory blinds cost. You will need more roller blinds than you do  vertical blinds so this choice will cost a little more.

The other thing to consider with roller blinds is the gaps between the fabric. You will have a 50mm gap between each fabric even when the brackets are touching, so it is important to line these gaps up with the frames of the windows.

Again choosing a light coloured reflective backed fabric will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your conservatory cool.

Again a little difficult to price, but a ball park starting price would be around £550.


In my opinion the perfect blinds for your conservatory are INTU blinds. They are designed to look part of your conservatory rather something that looks like an add on.

INTU blinds need no drilling or screws as they simple push into the beading of the UPVC windows, so will not affect any guarantees that you may have with your conservatory.

INTU blinds are available as an aluminium venetian, or a fabric pleated blind (with reflective backed fabric).

The downside when it comes INTU blinds is the cost. Because you will need a blind for every glass panel then that adds up to a lot of blinds, generally between 10 – 30 blinds depending on how big your conservatory is.

So when it comes to how much conservatory blinds cost, INTUs look great but can be a budget buster.

intu roof blinds in conservatory

As you can see in the photo above you can reduce the cost by leaving the small opening windows blind free.


Pricing again will depend on the size of your conservatory, but generally INTU blinds should average £100 per panel.