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Leicester’s only Which? Trusted Trader Blind Company.

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We have been making and installing blinds across Leicestershire for over 130 years, so we know we are pretty good at what we do but that is not something you can say about all blind companies.

Recently we have been getting more and more calls from people who have used our competitors and are having issues with their blinds that they cannot get resolved. We have tried to sort some of these issues out even though it really has nothing to do with us which was not a problem when it was only the odd one, but now there is just too many so we have had to say no.

So I wanted something that let people know that not only are our blinds quality, but that we also have the service and back up that could be relied upon.

I looked at several trusted trader schemes and most just seemed that you pay a fee and you are automatically a trusted trader. Where is the trust in that? No checks, No references, Nothing.

I was already aware of Which? as a consumer information brand, but wasn’t aware they had a trusted trader scheme. I knew the Which? brand stood for quality and reliability and they have a reputation to protect so wouldn’t be something an easy thing to get us approved.

Once I looked into their assessment process I know that Which? was where Barlow Blinds needed to be.

Their assessment process includes:

  • Relevant and up to date insurances
  • Membership of a trade association
  • A 3 hour interview with their assessor (who also works for Trading Standards)
  • In depth examination of our website
  • 10 references from our customers
  • Review of our quotation and invoicing paperwork
  • Examination of our complaint procedure and back up service.

This is just some of the things they check and that you need to have in place before you get approved. I know a lot of blind companies would not pass their rigorous examination or would even bother trying. That’s why it was so important for us, and would show potential customers that they could buy with total confidence.

Which? code of conduct states:

  1. We will only undertake work that we are competent to do.
  2. Provide you with a clear breakdown of what the job will cost before any commitment is made by you.
  3. Discuss all the options available to provide you with a tailored solution.
  4. Endeavour to stick to timelines and cost agreed by both parties.
  5. Provide you with an updated quote should you require any changes to the initial agreement.
  6. Be open and approachable should you have any queries.
  7. Treat your property with respect and clean up as we go along.

The one thing I have learnt after going through this process is that if I am looking for anyone to carryout work in my home then I will look for the Which? logo.

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