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Blinds in a living room

How Much are Cellular Blinds?

How much are Cellular Blinds ? is a little difficult to answer for several reason.

Blinds in a living room


Cellular blinds have so many different fabrics and operating systems the prices can vary massively depending on your preferred choices .

A customer asked me “if I could only keep one of products which would it be?” My answer was Cellular blinds.

They are by far the most versatile blind we have.

  1. A single blind can be up to 4 metres wide, very few blinds can go that wide.
  2. They are the best energy saving blind we offer.
  3. They have a simple fit option, which means no need of drilling or screws, perfect for doors.
  4. Easy rise operation as standard, meaning no cords or chains so are completely child safe.
  5. Fantastic as a blackout blind, no holes and the fabric goes virtually the full width of the blind.
  6. Motorised option, including voice activated via Alexa.
  7. Top down version which is perfect for bedrooms.

The prices I have listed are for a easy rise blind in the standard fabric range and include measuring and installing in Leicestershire, where you live might also make a difference when answering how much are cellular blinds?

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How much are Cellular Blinds ?


1000mm wide x 1200mm deep £302 inc vat

1500mm wide x 1200mm deep £385 inc vat

2000mm wide x 1200mm deep £441 inc vat

Patio / French / Bi-fol doors

1000mm wide  x 2000mm deep £362 inc vat

2000mm wide x 2000mm deep £538 inc vat

3000mm wide x 2000mm deep £701 inc vat

Most Cellular blinds we installed are in front of doors, but there is a brand new version that can fit directly on to the door. Don’t worry the simple fit Cellular blinds do not need any screws or drilling into the frame of the door.

Remote control operation will add an extra £199 per blind to the cost.

I hope this answers your question on How much are Cellular blinds? If you are in Leicestershire and would like to find out more then please call 0116 2769771 or what’s app 07718186941 to arrange a home visit.

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