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Heat reducing blinds. What are my options?

Heat reducing blinds are becoming more and more important. As I’m writing this the forecast for the next 2 days in the UK is for temperatures to reach a new record of 40 degrees.

The perfect answer for reducing the heat in your home is to stop the sun hitting the glass in the first place. Something like an awning on the outside of your home will make a huge difference and would also give you a shaded place to sit out of the direct sunlight.

I know from experience that awnings are not always an option either from a practical or budgetary point of view.

So if we are looking at heat reducing blinds for the inside of your home then there are some simple tips that will really help.

Heat Reducing Blinds. Tip 1

There are fabrics that are manufactured with a reflective coating on the side of the fabric that faces out of the window. These fabrics work really well as the metallic coating helps reflect the heat and also helps reduce the glare.

heat reducing blinds

The image above shows on the left is the fabric front of the blind and the right is the reflective backing (sorry if it is not that clear.)

Heat Reducing Blinds. Tip 2

The colour of the fabric that you choose for your blinds will also make a difference. The darker the colour the more it will attract the heat, with a lighter colour being more reflective. Some of the latest fabrics can have a dark front (the side that faces into the room) with a white backing (the side that faces out), so you can have the best of both. The colour you like in the inside and a good heat reducing blind on the outside.

vertical blind fabrics front face vertical blind fabrics backing

The 2 images above are of similar blackout fabrics. The image on the left shows the front of the fabric and both are a very similar grey colour. The image on the right shows the back of the fabrics. As you can see one has a dark grey backing and the other is white. Both fabrics are blackout, both fabrics are similar in quality, both fabrics are the same price.

The white backed fabric will make a much bigger difference when it comes to keeping your home cooler.

Heat Reducing Blinds. Tip 3

How you use your blinds will also make a huge difference when it comes to reducing the heat in your home. The best thing you can do to keep your home cooler is to stop the heating entering your home in the first place. So if you are up nice and early, open your windows to allow the cooler morning air into your rooms. Then make sure your blinds are fully closed BEFORE the sun hits your windows. This will help keeps as much heat out as possible. Once the sunsets open the blinds and windows and again let the cooler air in.

So when it comes to choosing your heat reducing blinds small things can make a big difference, I hope this information helps you create a ‘cooler’ home in the summer months.



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