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Do shutters lose a lot of light?

Do shutters lose a lot of light? The simple answer is yes when compared to other window coverings.

do shutters lose a lot of light?

A window shutters will block more light coming into your room.

The advice you get and the choices you make at the time of ordering your shutters will make a huge difference.

Do shutters lose a lot of light? Reducing the frames

All shutters will have a minimum of 2 solid frames.

The first frame is the one that fits to your window reveal (coloured in brown).

The second frame is the frame of the shutter panels (coloured in blue)

shutter frames

Avoid to many panels….With each panel having its own frame by reducing the number of opening panels it will reduce the amount of frames at your window.


poor window shutter

This shutter has 3 panels. Reducing it to 2 will mean a third less panel frames meaning more light (and would suit the window style better).

Avoid tier on tier….  this style has 2 shutters per window with one fitted above the other.


bay window shutter with tier on tier.

The tier on tier option works really well if you want to fully open the top of your shutter whilst leaving the bottom closed for privacy.

But is by far the worst design if you want more light as you can see there is a lot of panel frames to block the light.

Avoid mid rails… mid rails are a way of opening the top and bottom part of your shutter independently.

shutter with mid rail

Again the mid rail adds extra solid frame. A split tilt achieves the same with no extra frame.

Do window shutters lose a lot of light? Louvre size

The choice you make with the louvre size will have the biggest impact on the amount light entering your room.

shutter louvre sizes

There are a number of different louvre size available from 37mm up to 114mm.

The wider the slat the less of them there will be at your window meaning much more light.

Key points to maximise the light with your shutters.

  1. Keep the number of shutter panels to a minimum.
  2. Avoid options with extra frames (tier on tier and mid rails)
  3. Go for a wider slat (76mm is a great option for most windows)

I really hope that helps and if you are in Leicestershire and would like more information of getting shutters for your home please call 0116 2769771 or

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