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What blinds are best for kitchens?

What blinds are best for kitchens? We’ve spent 130 years learning what is and what isn’t right for certain rooms in your home, and the kitchen is a room where the blinds need to be very practical and hard wearing.

Our recommendations are always based on 2 things.

  1. Reliability and practically. Will it last? We will never recommend blinds that we know are not suitable and will not last.
  2. Easy to use. If the blinds are not easy to use, again we would not consider them suitable.

Here are our recommendations based on our years of experience.

Roller BlindsA great choice for  kitchens, ideally with a PVC fabric that is very easy to wipe clean.

Most roller blind fabrics are made from polyester, so are perfectly suitable for moist conditions, but will not be as easy to wipe clean as the PVC fabric.

An added advantage with roller blinds is it is very simple and cost effective to replace the fabric if you choose a design that isn’t the most practical to keep clean

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Vertical Blinds. These blinds are also a pretty good choice for kitchens because many of the PVC fabric available for the roller blinds are also available for Vertical blinds. Very reliable and easy to use.

As with the roller blinds it is very simple to replace the fabric should you chose a less practical fabric.



Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds. The popularity of wooden venetians continues to grow year after year, and if you have wooden blinds around the rest of your house why shouldn’t you have them in the kitchen?

You wouldn’t install wooden venetians in kitchens as they are difficult to keep clean without damaging the wood, and could wrap with the moisture in the room.

The solution is Faux Wood Venetians. Designed to look like wooden blinds but made from recycled PVC, so are the perfect choice to have the wood look but the practicality of being able to wipe them clean and without the worry of the slats wrapping.

50mm Truffle

I hope this information is of some use in making the decision of which blinds are best for your kitchen.

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