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Roman blinds half open

A Brief History of Roman Blinds

The Roman blind is a popular choice for many homeowners, adding style and function to main living areas or bedrooms. Just as the name suggests, however, Roman blinds were first crafted over 2,000 years ago by the Romans, used purely for their function at this time, rather than their style.

What Were Roman Blinds Originally Used For?

Roman blinds were originally crafted to keep dust out of buildings and homes. Unlike today, glass windows were a rare sight, and so damp pieces of cloth were hung to help keep dust at bay, provide privacy, and also shade, from the hot Italian sunshine.

Whilst originally a practical solution, over time Roman blinds were crafted using various fabrics, patterns and colours. Eventually, the drawstring function we know of today was added, allowing for easy opening and closing.

The Benefits of Roman Blinds for Your Home

Elegant Style

The concertina effect of Roman blinds provides an elegant finish to the main rooms and bedrooms of any home. Due to the heavy fabric, Roman blinds are best used in main rooms and avoided in the bathroom to prevent a build-up of damp.


Roman blinds are available in both standard and blackout options, so if you’re looking for privacy, these are a great option. The drawstring function of Roman blinds means you can choose how much light is let into a room with ease.


Fabric blinds can help keep warmth in your home when closed. Most Roman blinds are also lined, meaning they have the front-facing fabric in your choice of pattern or colour, and then a back-facing fabric that conceals the slats and provides another layer of insulation.

Range of Colours and Fabrics

Roman blinds come in a wide range of colours, materials and patterns, ensuring that, if you opt for this style, you’ll have plenty of choices when styling your home. Heavier, thicker fabrics are great for bedrooms or snug areas, whereas you may choose a non-blackout lighter fabric for main rooms where you want to benefit from natural sunlight.

Roman Blinds From Barlow Blinds

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