Window shutters versus blinds

When it comes to window shutters versus blinds it really comes down to a few different things, firstly your personal preference.

Most people who visit our showroom already have an idea of the look they want at their windows.

Window shutters have a distinctive look and are actually more like a piece of furniture at your window.

Whereas blinds tend to be a little more subtle, even blinds that will give you a very similar look to the shutter.

Wooden Venetian blinds will give you very similar appearance just without the wooden framework needed for the shutters.


The second thing you really need to consider when it comes window shutters versus blinds is your budget.

There is a huge difference is cost between window shutters and most types of blinds

Window shutters generally are 3 or 4 times more expensive than most blind types.

This is something we come across very often when people love the look and style of the shutters but the cost for the whole house runs into several £1000’s so it is very difficult to justify that amount of money for something at your windows.

The third thing you need to consider when it comes to window shutters versus blinds is how often you change your mind when it comes to colour schemes or decor in your rooms.

If you change your decor every few years then maybe Roller or Vertical Blinds would be a good option as it is fairly straight forward to change the fabric and the colour without replacing the whole blind.

As I mentioned earlier about Shutters being like a piece of furniture at you window so is not that easy to remove or replace. There is also the cost implications as mentioned above.

If you like the idea of window shutters and you do change your decor fairly often then my recommendation is keep the colour of your shutters / blinds very neutral. That way you haven’t got the added expense of replacing your blinds or shutters when you re-decorate.

Neutral coloured blinds and shutters can be a real feature with the right choice of decoration.

Plain white window shutters with a bold feature wall paper looks amazing in this kitchen, and certainly adds the wow factor. You could easily replace the wallpaper in a couple of years time at much less cost than replacing the shutters.

Again a plain white wooden venetian blind with a feature wallpaper that really makes the blind stand out.

I hope this has given you some ideas when it comes to window shutters versus blinds. I would recommend a visit to your local blind shop for more inspiration.

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