window shutters to block out sun
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window shutters to block out sun

Window shutters to block out sun

Window shutters to block out sun are in my opinion are a really good choice for a number of different reasons.

Most window blinds that are designed to block out the sun are either up or down.

roller blinds to block out the sun

When you design window shutters to block out sun you can design your shutters to cover the full height of your windows but you have the option of splitting how the louvres open.

So you can close the top part of the shutter to block out the sun and glare whilst the bottoms louvres can be open to allow light into the room.

window shutters to block out the sun

If you are thinking about window shutters to block out sun for your bedrooms and you want you bedroom as dark as possible then they are not the best option for blackout.

window shutter without a blackout blind

You could never describe your shutters as blackout, but there is a solution.

Some window shutter suppliers offer a special frame with a blackout blind fitted behind your shutters.

So during the day your bedroom shutter looks the same as the other shutters in your home, but at night time simply lower the blackout blind for almost total blackout.

So if you are looking for window shutters to block out sun, this really is the best solution. For more information

window shutters to block out sun with a blackout blind      window shutter with blackout blind frame close up

It’s Official……..Installing Shutters will prevent up to 28% of heat loss in the winter months.

An added benefit of installing window shutters in your home is the effect they will have on reducing your winter energy bills.

We had tested the effect of windows with and without shutters with an inferred heat camera, but now it has been scientifically tested in a comprehensive study carried out by the University of Salford and the British Blind and Shutter Association. Proving that your shutters will save you money during the colder months

heat loss with and without shutters

To find out more about these tests…

Our new ‘shutter showroom’ van has a fully working blackout shutter on display if you would like a closer look.

best shutters in leicester van shutter van samples shutter van panels

Ever wondered what is involved in getting shutters fitted in your home?

I hope this helps and if you are in Leicestershire and you need a little more advice please give me a call on 0116 2769771 or leave your details and we will call you back

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