Window Shutters for bay windows

Window shutters for bay windows are in my opinion the best option for most bay windows.

All other types of blinds are designed to fit into traditional flat windows, so when you fit them into your bay window you have gaps between the blinds. Not so much of an issue in the living room but could be a big issue if you like your bedroom as dark as possible.

                  wood venetian square bay

Wooden Venetian Blinds..3 section bay                           Wood Venetian Blinds.. 5 section bay                   Wooden Venetian Blinds.. right angle bay

This gives you an idea of the gaps you can expect. As I said earlier lets compare them to the same shaped bay windows with shutters.

Window Shutters for bay windows… 3 Section bay

window shutters bay window         

Window shutters in a 3 section bay                                                           Vertical Blinds in a 3 section bay

The big difference is that the shutters for your bay window can have a frame made to fit exactly to the shape of your bay meaning no gaps.

Another really nice advantage with the shutters is you can have the designed so the bottom section can be closed for privacy, whilst the top can be opened to let in light…perfect for bedrooms.

Window Shutters for bay windows… 5 section bay 


Window Shutters in a 5  section bay                Wooden Venetians in a 5 section bay

As with a 3 section bay the shutter frame is made to fit the shape of you bay perfectly, again these shutters have been designed so the top opening panel matches the top opening sections of the windows.

Something else you can also with the wooden venetian blinds are the number of operating cords (2 sets per blind)

Window shutters for bay windows…Right angle bay

        wood venetian square bay

Window Shutters in a right angle bay                          Wooden Venetians in a right angle bay

Again the shutter frame ensures there are no gaps. As you can see in the shutter photo, these shutters were designed for privacy for the bottom part of the window whilst the top part is left clear. This is called cafe style.

So you can see whatever shape of bay window you have a shutter can be made to suit and with NO GAPS!

If you are considering window shutters for your bedroom then please be aware that even though you removed the gaps you will still get some light between the louvres.

As you can see you would never describe this as blackout. But some of the latest shutter ranges have a solution for this…. Blackout blinds installed into the shutter frame.

The blackout blind is fitted behind the shutter so it will look like all of the other shutters in your home, then at night simply lower the blind for almost total blackout.

A customer made a comment to one of our shutter team after her shutters were installed that she had spent weeks worrying if she had made the right choices for her shutters. We designed a design system to remove that worry.

Our new shutter design system allows you to see and design your shutters at your windows so you can see exactly how they will look before you spend a penny.

If you would like more information of the most common shutter problems and how to avoid them

If you are in Leicestershire and would like more advice please give me a call on 0116 2769771.

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