window shutters for bathrooms

Window shutters for bathrooms is something we get asked fairly often when people are considering window shutters for the whole house and want to continue the same look in the bathroom.

The simple answer is yes, you can have window shutters for bathrooms.

They are actually a really good choice for your bathroom because altering the angle of the louvres you can have the privacy you need whilst still letting in plenty of natural daylight.

The photo above shows exactly how bathroom window shutters could be used. The bottom panels are closed more for extra privacy and the top panels are open to allow more light in (This also works really well in bedrooms)

Like most blind styles there is a version designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens.

All window shutters look similar so the only real difference when it comes to choosing window shutters for bathrooms is the material they are made from.

Most window shutters are made from wood or wood composite, neither of which are really suitable for bathrooms if you want something that will last for years.

In my opinion the best option for window shutters for bathrooms are vinyl or PVC shutters.

These shutters are completely waterproof, so dealing with splashes and the mist conditions in your bathroom is not an issue.

They are also easier to keep clean than the wooden shutters because they are not stained or painted. So you you can wipe them down as often as you want without the worry of damaging the paint work.

With vinyl window shutters being easier to clean there is no reason why you couldn’t have them in other rooms in your home if you prefer.

The photo above shows a full height shutter that covers the whole window, another very popular window shutters for bathrooms is the cafe style.

Cafe style means a shutter that only covers part of the window as in the picture above. Designed purely to give privacy where needed with the rest of the window letting in the natural light.

I hope this information has helped and has answered your questions about window shutters for bathrooms.

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