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Window Blinds that reduce heat

I need window blinds that reduce heat because:

  1. I can’t sleep at night
  2. My conservatory is like an oven
  3. I can’t enjoy sitting on my patio
  4. My staff are complaining.

These are all comments I’ve heard numerous times over the last few weeks.

The proof is here that the right blinds really do make a huge difference to the heat and glare in your home.

See for yourself……

As the video shows by far the best way to reduce the heat entering your home or conservatory is by stopping the sun hitting the glass in the first place.

Many homes now have sliding, french or bi fold doors in their lounge or kitchens and if these doors are south facing then it can get unbearable in the summer.

I’ve lost count of the number of homes I’ve been in over the last few weeks where the curtains have been closed on a really hot day.

An external awning would be by far the best product to reduce the heat entering your home.

Its instant as soon as the awning come out the room is cooler, you can even get them with a sun sensor so you don’t even have to be there as room stays cool.

semina drop down valance

Another big advantage of an awning is that it will stop your carpets and furniture fading.

Faded wooden floor

When it comes to internal window blinds to reduce the heat then it is all about your fabric choice.

There are many fabrics available that have a special reflective coating on the back that make a much bigger difference to the temperature than just having blind with a standard fabric.

The reflective fabrics are available for Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds and are not that much more expensive than the standard fabrics.

Just make sure you ask for the reflective backed fabric when you are making your choice.

The colour also makes a few difference when choosing blinds that reduce the heat, the lighter the colour the less of the heat the fabric absorbs, so stay away from the dark shades.

Summer shadegraph

You can see from the chart above that just by choosing a lighter coloured fabric will make a big difference, and a light coloured reflective fabric is even better.

So asking the right questions and doing a little homework when you are looking for blinds that reduce heat will make a real difference in the comfort of your home or workplace.

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