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Window Blinds that keep the heat in

“What are the best window blinds that keep the heat in?” is a common question this time of year.

The honest answer is all blinds will help keep the heat in, but some are better than others, and it is not just about the type of  blind because if you really want window blinds that keep the heat in then its also about how you use them.

My advice on how to use your blinds is very simple.

Close them in the early evening and keep them closed until the morning. This will keep as much heat as possible in side your home.

Window blinds that keep the heat in: THE BEST

Duette or Honeycomb blinds are the best blinds available for keeping the heat in at this time of year.

The design of the fabric is what makes it so effective. It is  honeycomb fabric that works in a similar way to your double glazing by keeping a layer of air inside the fabric that will stop extra heat escaping.

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The Architella Duette blinds is a double honeycomb fabric that will keep even more heat in your home. Warning it does come with sizeable price tag.

Duette blinds can be operated with a chain, literise (no cords or chains) and powerview motorisation.

Window Blinds that keep the heat in: 2nd Best

Roman Blinds. Lined Roman Blinds are a great option for keeping the heat in for 2 reasons.

Firstly in a similar way to the duette blinds a lined roman blind will have a double layer of insulation with your chosen front fabric and the lining fabric.

Secondly the fact the fabric goes almost the full width of the window, less gaps means less heat loss.

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Roman blinds can be operated with a side chain or can be motorised.

Another question we get asked regularly is are Roman Blinds better than lined curtains?

My recommendation is to have roman blinds installed INSIDE the window reveal, this will give you the very best insulation. Curtains generally sit outside of the recess, leaving gaps at the side allowing heat to escape. Curtians are also sometimes fitted in front of radiators which means some of the heat will disappear up the back of the curtain and straight out of the window.

Remember when it comes what window blinds are best for keeping the heat in, all blinds if used well will keep heat in and reduce your energy bills. This useful video made by The British Blind and Shutter Association will help explain.

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