barlow blinds measuring window for blinds
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barlow blinds measuring window for blinds

Where to buy blinds

Where to buy blinds will depend on several factors.

  1. Do you need the blinds quickly?
  2. How much do you want to pay for your blinds (Your budget)
  3. How much of the work do you want to do yourself.
  4. Selection of colours and fabrics.

Where to buy blinds: How quickly do you need your blinds?

Where to buy blinds urgently then the large DIY stores will be your best option.

They will have ready made blinds in store. The choice of blinds will be limited usually Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and some stores will stock Roman Blinds.

The best range of stock blinds I have seen has been at Dunelm.

Stock blind from Dunelm
Stock blind from Dunelm

Chances are the ‘stock’ blinds will not be exactly the right size for your windows, so you have 2 choices.

  1. Buy a blind that is bigger than the window you need it for and install the blind on the outside of the window, meaning you will not need to alter the size.
  2. Again buy a blind that is too big at cut the blind down to fit inside your window recess.

If you are looking for a made to measure blind and you need them quickly then you’re best bet is to go on line. Some online retailers offer a next day service. Just type ‘next day blinds’ into the search bar.

Where to buy blinds: How much do you want to pay for your blinds?

The DIY stores would be by far the cheapest option for your blinds.

Price wise blinds bought on the internet would be the next place to try, and these blinds would be made to fit your exact sizes.

The most expensive option is to call a professional blind company in to measure make and install your blinds.

Where to buy blinds: How much work do you want to do yourself.

If you are competent at DIY then the stock blinds maybe a good option for you.

You will need to be able to measure, cut down and fit the blind yourself. So a good knowledge of DIY would be useful.

Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind
Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind

Blinds bought on the internet will reduce some of the workload.

You will still need to be able to accurately measure your blinds., and be able to install the blinds but they will be made to your sizes.

The third option is a done for you service.

A professional blind company will come to your home, and make the blind to the sizes they have taken and install the blind.

This option is hassle free as everything is done for you, but it will carry a price premium.

Where to buy blinds: Selection of colours and fabrics.

When it comes to your preferred choice of colours and fabrics the general rule is the more you are willing to pay the wider the selection and variety.

The ‘stock’ blinds will offer a fairly limited colour range as they are mass produced in the most popular colours, whites, creams, beiges etc.

If you are after something a little more specific then the on-line blind retailers will offer a much wider selection as these blinds are generally made to measure.

A word of caution when looking at colours on the web. The colour you see on the screen will not be an exact match to the fabric of the blind. It will be fairly close but not exact.

The widest choice will come from the professional blind companies. If they are anything like us then they will have multiple pattern books for each type of blind with hundreds of fabrics and colours.

blind showroom

I hope this helps you to decide where to buy blinds.