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blinds for new homes

When to order blinds for new homes

When to order blinds for new homes it is not quite as straight forward as it first seems.

Like you I know from personal experience how stressful moving home can be, its all decisions, decisions and spend, spend, spend.

The first thing you really need to consider when it comes to when to order blinds for new homes is the type of blinds you would like.

When to order blinds for new homes : Time Scales

The time scale can vary massively from product to product. Below is approximate time scales if you were buying blinds from us.

Wood Shutters….. 12 weeks

Wood Venetian Blinds ……3  weeks (express installation option)

Roman Blinds….. 4 weeks

Roller Blinds…..10 days (express installation option)

Vertical Blinds…..10 days (express installation option)

Duette Blinds….. 5 weeks

These times are the average times from ordering to installing.

The only exception to these times are if the company you are buying blinds from offers an express installation option.

We know from experience that blinds for new homes can be an after thought, so the blinds we make in our own factory and with agreement with some of our suppliers we can offer a 4 day express installation service (please note this option is not available to all companies)

Most blind companies will make some products themselves so should be able to turn things around quicker.

When to order blinds for new homes : Quotations

Many developers will allow us access to your new home before you exchange contracts. Ideally the measuring / quotation appointment should be arranged when most of the work to your new home has been completed.

Plastering, window sills and tiling should all be completed before you arrange the appointment, this will speed things up because if some of this work has still to be finished we will need to call again to confirm the exact sizes.

Once the sizes have been taken then I would recommend a visit to your local showroom to decide on the type of blinds you would prefer. The blind company can then price you on the exact style, colour etc based on the sizes they have taken.

When to order blinds for new homes : Placing the order

The right time to place your order is your decision, we have customers who place their orders weeks before they move in so the blinds are ready to be installed on moving day.

Others prefer not to place their order until they have exchanged, this will depend on your confidence in the developer to complete on time and your confidence in the blind company you are dealing with.

If you do choose to leave it until you have exchanged many blind companies like us have temporary blinds in stock that can be stuck to your windows to provide privacy until your preferred blinds are ready.

I hope this has made things a little clearer and helped reduce some of the stress from your big move. If you are in Leicestershire and would like our help then please visit our Uppingham Road showroom or call on 0116 2769771 to arrange a home visit.


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