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What blinds are most energy efficient?

Something we are getting asked more and more about is What blinds are most energy efficient?

Most blinds will help when it comes to saving energy as they all add and extra barrier on top of your glazing that will stop heat entering in the summer and prevent heat escaping in the winter.

energy efficient window no blinds

energy efficient window with blinds

But when it comes to what blinds are most energy efficient then there is one clear winner.

Blinds made with a honeycomb style fabric have a number of different trade names but all work the same way.

Most blind styles have a single piece of fabric that acts as a barrier, but the honeycomb fabric traps a layer of air inside the pockets of the blind to help increase the energy efficiency of your blinds.

energy efficient duette blind

Most honeycomb fabrics have a white backing that faces the window, this helps reflect the sun and keep your rooms cooler in summer months.

The white backing is really important during the summer, the darker the colour of your blinds the hotter your home will get.

If you home gets too hot stay way from dark colours. If you like dark coloured blinds for your home make sure they have a white backing, this will help reflect as much heat as possible.

Summer shadegraph

The real benefit of the honeycomb blinds is in the winter months. With the double thickness of fabric and the trapped layer of air all helping to keep the warm air in your home which keeps your rooms warm and cosy and your boiler is having to work much less trying to maintain your preferred temperature.

If you think the honeycomb design looks a little too modern for your home you could combine the honeycomb blind with a window shutter.

shutter with energy efficient blinds

The blind is built into the shutter frame, so you have the look and style of a shutter but with the added benefit of the energy saving blind there for when you really need it.

The added bonus is the honeycomb blinds make brilliant blackout blinds so are perfect for bedrooms.

energy efficient blackout blind behind a shutter

An extra tip.. it is not just about what blinds are most energy efficient, but also how you use them.

In the winter as soon as the sun starts setting pull or close your blinds and do not open them until the morning, this will help keep as much heat as possible inside your home so your boiler is having to work less in the morning, which will intern help reduce your heating bills.


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