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What are the best shutters to have?

What are the best shutters to have? When you type that into google you will get a number of different answers.

Most websites will recommend the products they like selling most, MDF, Hardwood or Faux wood shutters.

what are the best shutters to have?

We look at shutters a little differently. The best shutters to have are the ones that suit you, your family and your home.

What are the best shutters to have?  Homes with young families

Faux wood or Vinyl shutters are a great option if you have a young family. Faux wood and Vinyl shutters are very robust and 100% waterproof.

fauxwood shutters for homes with small children

100% waterproof means little finger prints are very easy to remove and you have the peace of mind knowing you can clean them as often as you like.

Another option is what we call MDF PLUS. This style of shutter has MDF frames and faux wood slats.

MDF shutters are by far the most popular shutters in the UK. Why? The simple answer is price.

MDF PLUS shutters are slightly more expensive than full MDF.

With MDF PLUS you have all the advantages of being able to clean the slats as with the full faux wood shutters with the added bonus of the MDF frames to help keep the cost down.

What are the best shutters to have?  Bathrooms and Kitchens

At Barlow Blinds we would only ever install Faux wood or Vinyl shutters in bathrooms and kitchens.

bathroom tier on tier shutters

Again both being 100% waterproof means you will have the peace of mind knowing it doesn’t matter how wet your shutters get they will still look amazing.

mdf mouldy shutter

This is an MDF shutter frame fitted in a bathroom. The lady had bought and paid for Faux wood but the company she used fitted MDF.

Why would they do that? Extra profit. Sadly you will not be able to tell until a few years later (in the case 3 years).

For more advice on how to avoid the most common problems with shutters….

What are the best shutters ?  Bedrooms

For me bedrooms need to be as dark as possible, so when it comes to bedroom shutters there is only one option.

Shutters with a blackout blind fitted inside the shutter frame.

window shutter with light gaps

A traditional shutter design does a pretty good job of darkening your bedroom but as you can see you could never describe it as blackout.

window shutter with a blackout blind

With a blackout blind fitted into the shutter frame you will get near total blackout.

What are the best shutters ?  Bifold and French Doors

Without a doubt in my opinion Hardwood Shutters are the best shutters to fit in front of your doors.

Why? Because hardwood is a much lighter material than MDF or Faux wood.

Given both the size and how often your shutters will get opened and closed compared to window shutters the lighter the doors the better.

Window shutters on french doors in the open position Window shutters on french doors in the closed position

Track systems are a great option for doors as the panels run in a track rather than relying on 2 or 3 hinges to support the weight.

What are the best shutters ?  Energy Saving

All of them! In a recent test carried out by the British Blind and Shutter Association with the University of Salford. They found that having shutters at your windows will reduce heat loss in the winter by 28%.


I really hope this information helps and if you want more advice on finding the right shutters

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