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What are shutter blinds?

What are shutter blinds? is something we get asked a lot.

Shutter blinds have a number of different names.

Shutter blinds, Plantation Shutters and Window Shutters are all exactly the same product.

They are made up of slatted panels fitted into a frame that sit inside your window recess.


The slats can be tilted to alter the amount of light and privacy you have in your home.

The panels on shutter blinds can also be folded back to allow full light to enter the room.

Shutter blinds can be made from a number of different materials with certain materials more suitable for different rooms in your home.

Vinyl and Fauxwood shutter blinds can be installed in any room but are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they are completely waterproof. These are also a great option for children’s rooms as they easier to keep clean.

MDF Shutters are the best selling shutters in the UK, based mainly on budget. They are made from wood chipping that are glued together to form the slats. Not as robust as fauxwood or vinyl but very good value for money.


If only the best will do then wooden shutter blinds are the ones for you. Made from natural timber wooden shutter blinds are a more expensive option but do look amazing. You will need to be a little careful when cleaning as these shutters are stained and this could be effected if too much water is used.

Shutter blinds are a great solution if you have bay windows as they are the only type of window covering we can fit in bays the have not gaps.

They are also a great option for bedrooms and bathrooms because you have the ability to close the the bottom slats of your shutter for privacy, and have the slats at the top open to let light into your bedroom.

If you would like more information on the most common shutter problems and how to avoid them

A customer made a comment to one of our shutter team after her shutters were installed that she had spent weeks worrying if she had made the right choices for her shutters. We designed a design system to remove that worry.

Our new shutter design system allows you to see and design your shutters at your windows so you can see exactly how they will look before you spend a penny.

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