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What are night and day blinds?

What are night and day blinds? They are a modern twist on a traditional roller.

Night and day blinds operated the same way as your old roller blinds, either with a chain at the side or a remote control. They can also be called Vision, Twist and Duo blinds.

What is different about a night and day blind is that it has a double fabric, and a traditional roller only has a single cover.

The two layers are made up of translucent (voile) and opaque stripes.

Day and night blinds fabric close up


What are night and day blinds ?  The front layer of fabric moves independently of the back allowing  the stripes to glide between each other giving an open and closed effect.







day and night blinds in the open position

What are night and day blinds? By lining the voile section of the fabrics it will allow you to filter the light and still be able to see out (see photo), not an option for a traditional roller blind.










What are night and day blinds? Total privacy is achieved by simply matching opaque to opaqueday and night blinds in the closed position

Moving the blinds up and down creates the open and closed effect.

The fabric choice is also fairly big including whites, creams and good selection of bright colours to really make a statement, and many modern grey fabrics.

Day and night blinds in a kitchen

Multi coloured day and night blinds


The night and day blinds can also be operated by remote control, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to open your blinds. There is no need to run cables to power your blind as the motor has a built in battery that charges in the same way as your mobile phone, just plug a power cable in every now and again, then when your blind is fully charged simply unplug till next time.


The new perfect fit Night and Day blind is now available that can be fitted to your french doors without having to drill or screw into the frames.

A visit to your local blind showroom might be well worth, so you can see the blinds for yourself.

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