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What Are Intu Blinds: A Complete Guide

The Intu blinds range is a fairly new concept, developed as an alternative to the Perfect Fit Blind. They are horizontal blinds that are attached to your window behind the rubber seal. This prevents any need for actual DIY, for those of us that don’t do well with a screwdriver or drill, and preserves your windows, so you won’t ruin the surrounding PVC. 

They are designed to fit your window perfectly, meaning that there’s also no need for a detached headrail or bulky side frame. 

How Are Intu Blinds Different to Perfect Fit Blinds?

Intu Blinds were originally created as an alternative to Perfect Fit blinds. While they share many of their practical characteristics, they do have some subtle differences. 

Perfect Fit blinds use a frame that holds the blinds and clicks directly onto your window with push-fit brackets. These work best with uPVC windows and provide the option to lift and open from either the bottom or top. 

Intu Blinds are attached to a headrail at the top of the window and integrate perfectly with the window using side supports. This means that the blind is under constant tension to keep its shape, without taking away any light from your window by using a bulky side frame. The blinds are suitable for all uPVC frames and are easy to open, close, and even remove, without damaging your window. 

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What Blinds Can be Intu Blinds?

Intu blinds UK come in various different styles and colours. You could select pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, or roller blinds depending on what suits your home.

At Barlow Blinds, we have a wide range of blinds in Loughborough to suit a wide range of style and practical needs. 

To make your rooms look a little larger, lighting is essential. If you’d like to let in the sunlight, but reduce the glare, our Pleated range is an excellent choice with hundreds of designs and fabrics to choose from.

We also stock over 250 Honeycomb blind fabrics to help you conserve energy and reduce your bills.  

However, if your room is sun-facing throughout the day and light control is important to you, you might choose to go for the Venetian option, which tilts throughout the day to reduce excess sunlight. 

We even supply Micro versions of each blind which are specifically designed for Bi-fold doors. They make your home look great and won’t be damaged by opening and closing your doors, so they’re a really convenient alternative to traditional blinds. 

Intu Blinds UK – How Barlow Blinds Can Help

Here at Barlow Blinds, we pride ourselves in our vast range of Intu blinds with a style match for any window or Bi-fold door. Contact us today for more information or blind expertise from a member of our helpful team.