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Vertical Blinds: Great if you fancy a change.


On the customer information sheet it said measure for 7 Vertical Blinds.

I pulled up to the house and there were already Vertical Blinds in the windows, maybe its an extension or a conservatory.

“I really hope you can help me, I just want new fabric for my blinds, not the whole blind replaced”

Everyone else who has come round has said all the blinds need replacing with new ones and I don’t want that.

A quick look and operation of her rails and they work fine, so yes you can just replace the fabric and keep your existing rails.

Apparently we were the only one out of five companies who were willing to replace just the fabric.

There maybe several reasons for this, the main one I think is that the other companies may not make their own blinds and can only buy complete blinds, or it could purely be a money thing as you can charge more for complete blinds.

If you do fancy a change with your vertical blinds there will be a company local to you that can make new louvres for you, and its something you can organise yourself without having to call out a professional.

Once you have found a local company who make their own blinds its simple:

  1. Undo the chain on the bottom of one of your existing strips of fabric
  2. Unclip that fabric from the rail.
  3. Count how many strips you need
  4. Then take that strip with you to your chosen company
  5. Select a new fabric
  6. Give them the fabric you have removed and tell them you need so many at this exact size.

You will need to remove one strip from each set of louvres you wish to replace as they may look the same size but could be slightly different and put a little note with each one with which room and how many you need.

You’re chosen company can also supply the new strips of fabric with new hangers in the top and new weights and chains at the bottom, so all you need to do is just swap them over.

Its that simple, no measuring involved and no need to call in an expert.