rail fabric light gap crop vertical blinds
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rail fabric light gap crop vertical blinds

Are Vertical Blinds good blackout blinds?

A question we get asked a lot about Vertical Blinds is do they work well as a blackout blind.

The honest answer is No. Vertical blinds can be made with blackout fabrics, but due to the design of Vertical Blinds (being made of individual strips of fabric) you could never describe them as blackout blinds. There are other styles of blinds that would be a better choice if blocking out as much light as possible is what you really need to do.

Although Vertical Blinds are not the best blackout blinds they can still do a pretty good job.

There are several areas where the light will come through on a vertical blind.


The first gap is between the bottom of the rail and the top of the fabric.

rail fabric light gap crop

The second gap is between each strip of fabric.

fabric gapscropThe third gap that you get on a Vertical Blind is where the control chain and cords are fitted. The last strip of fabric will finish just to the side of the control chain leaving a gap where the light will come through.

chain gap crop We know that a good nights sleep is one of the most important elements to our health and we being, so blocking out as much of the early morning sunlight as possible could have a huge impact on yours and your families sleep quality.

So I really hope this article helps you make the right decisions when it comes to blinds in your bedrooms.