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Roof Lantern Blinds

Something we are coming across more and more are roof lanterns, not only are there more but they are getting bigger. So what are the options for your roof lantern blinds?

There are only really 2 options for your roof lantern blinds, pleated blinds and roller blinds.

Pleated blind are a good option for your roof lantern blinds if the roof area is not too large. The maximum width we would recommend for a pleated roof blind is 1800mm wide with a depth no more the 2500mm.


The pleated blinds have a fixing rail at each end and a moving rail with the fabric attached.

The blind is supported on nylon or steel support wires the prevent the blind from sagging as it travels backwards and forwards. We would always recommend a pleated blind system with steel coated support wires as the nylon wires will get affected by the heat and sunlight over time and will cause the blind to sag or eventually break. You will have no such issues with the steel wires.

The blinds can be operated manually by a rod, or can be motorised so they can be operated by a remote control.

There is a pretty good choice of fabric. Everything from a voile that lets in plenty of light to a blackout fabric which will let no light in.

The most popular choice of fabric is one with a reflective coating. This type of fabric will cutout the glare whilst still allowing some light in and is the ideal fabric for temperature control, reflecting the heat in the summer and retaining the warmth in the winter.

The other option I mentioned for your roof lantern blinds are roller blinds.

Roller blinds are really your only option if you have a large roof lantern, with a single roof lantern roller blind able to cover an area 3000mm width x 3750mm deep.

battery powered roof lantern blinds

Unlike the pleated roof lantern blinds the roller blinds have no support wires because the fabric runs inside 2 channels.

roof lantern blind side channel

Your roof lantern roller blinds can work manually with a gearbox and winding handle or motorised operated by a wall switch or remote control.

A recommended option for roller roof lantern blinds is a system that has a zip on the fabric and in the side channel, this will ensure the fabric will never sag or come out of the side channel and prolong the lifespan of your roof lantern blinds.

roof lantern blind zip system

Fabric wise very similar similar to the pleated. There is no voile option as the fabric is too fragile to run in the side channels, but reflective and blackout fabrics are an option.

There is a more limited fabric choice with the zip system as the fabric has to be suitable to secure the zip to.

For even more information on powering your roof lantern blinds please read

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I hope you have found this information helpful and I would recommend a chat or a visit to your local blind supplier if you are in Leicestershire then we would love to help.

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ONLY A SMALL BUSINESS AND OUR SERVICES ONLY COVER LEICESTERSHIRE. I’m really sorry but we are not able to supply outside of Leicestershire but we have a contact at the company who supply our roof lantern blinds who can put you in touch with a local company to you who can help.

The company is SHY, and the contact is Sophie Wells and her email is

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