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Roman Blind Ideas

Windows and their blinds are of extreme importance when styling a room, they can enhance the beauty as well as also provide shade or a passage for ventilation. 

When there is a need to close these windows or to prevent the light and air from entering in, blinds can be used. Blinds can make a room more decadent and beautiful. By adding stylish curtains or blinds, one can convert a simple, boring room into something exciting and attractive.

About Roman Blinds

Among many curtains, shades and blind varieties, roman blinds hold a very unique place. Roman blinds are very adaptable owing to their colours, styles and fabric types. These blinds can easily adjust to any type of room, whether it is old or new, modern or antique with the simplistic and minimalistic design that Roman Blinds have. The fabric of Roman blinds is also very easy to maintain, wash and reset.

So, if you want to apply these mesmerising, yet minimalistic roman blinds to your home and are looking out for some ideas such as, where to hang them, how to match the colour or design, which fabric will go best or which style you should choose? Then you are exactly at the right place. 

Roman Blinds In The Home

Where Are Roman Blinds Best Suited?

The use of roman blinds is a trend that is unfading and are constantly being used. They can best suit any room or space, such as in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and studies. Roman blinds can add beauty and simplicity to give a decor that is professional and neat. 

When it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, you have to be very conscious about the fabric that you choose for your roman blinds. For example, kitchens and washrooms are two places where humidity levels can be high, so having thick fabric blinds or curtains may mean that the moisture in the air would get taken into the fabric causing them to become damp and moulding. 

Another example is when cooking in the kitchen can add oil and grease to blinds, causing them to mould from any food attached to them as well as collect dust particles. But this can be limited and does depend on the type of fabric that you choose for your roman blinds.

Roman blinds are able to suit all rooms, the type of fabric that you choose for your roman blinds best suits them to specific rooms. Velvet, faux silk and taffeta like fabrics can absorb moisture quickly causing a vast amount of problems. High moisture absorption will damage the fabric and the beauty of it. It is advisable to use cotton or polyester fabric when choosing your roman blinds for a high humid environment like the kitchen or washroom.

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Roman Blind Fabrics & Linings

The selection for Roman blind fabric entirely depends upon the location of the room and the weather conditions in your area. If you are living in a sunny place, then direct sunlight will fade away the colours of your blinds. If you are living in a humid region, moisture absorption will make your furnishings dirty and mouldy. Lighter fabrics like faux silk and cotton can help in hotter climates and heavier fabrics such as velvet or cotton mix fabrics are best suited to cooler climates.

Roman Blind Styles

The most common styles in which roman blinds come are; flat, hobbled, classic and relaxed. Depending upon the décor and the theme of your room and office, you can easily choose the style of these attractive blinds.

Roman Blind Colours

For colour selection, contrasting is the best and the easiest way to add something more in your room without giving it a heavy look. You can have multiple fabrics and ribbons, can add a boundary of one colour and making the rest of the blinds with a different colour and much more.

Roman Blind Patterns

Roman blinds offer great flexibility in their designs and colour. If the room is simple and plain, you can balance this out by adding heavy, bold designs. If the room is already decorated, then simple plain blinds will work best. 


Blinds have always been a key home furnishing. With roman blinds, they can help add to the beauty of any room by their beautiful varieties. By following these simple ideas and tips as well as referring to some amazing pictures, you can easily decide what you want to purchase and use as blinds.

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