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Patio awnings for bungalows…. can I have one?

Patio awnings for bungalows is something we get asked about fairly often.

The simple answer is yes you can have one, but there are a few things you need to consider.

How much room have you got between the top of the doors / windows and the fascia or guttering? Is there enough room to fit an awning (depending on the model of awning you will need between 200mm and 300mm)

Got enough room? If yes that’s great and makes this a little easier, so lets deal with this first.

From a professional installer point of view almost all patio awnings for bungalows will need specially made steel brackets.

The main reason for this is safety, so if you have got room chances are we are trying to fit the awning into the to 2 or 3 courses of bricks. We would NEVER do that because you are installing what is something like a big sail on to the side of your home. The wind loading if your awning is out will be huge and the top rows of brick are not structural enough to cope, they will just work loose and sooner or later the awning and the brickwork will fail.


The photo above shows what we call a spreader bracket. The bracket allows us to get several secure fixings down the wall so we are not relying on the top rows of bricks.

As you can see in this photo the customer had got just about enough room above the doors / windows, but the doors were French doors that opened out so if we had fitted the awning below the guttering it would stop the door opening.

Got enough room? If the answer is no then we have an answer again with the same brackets.

awnings for bungalows

The brackets for patio awnings for bungalows are made to your exact requirements. As you can see in this picture we had to raise the blind fairly high. The height of the bracket is dictated by the projection you would like.

The bigger the projection, the higher the bracket needs to be because if you leave your awning out in the rain then there is enough slope to allow the rain to run off.

If the awning comes out flat the the water will collect and eventually the weight of water will damage the awning, usually braking the arms.

Simple way to work out how high the bracket would:

When the awning is out the rail at the front needs to be 2000mm from the floor, this is high enough for most people to walk underneath.

For every metre you want the awning to come out you need to add 300mm for the slope.

So…. 2 metre projection would need the bracket to be 2600mm (2000mm rail height plus 300mm per metre out, 2 metre proj.= 600mm giving 2600mm total)

The 2600mm is measured at the wall where the awning is fitted.

Here is our guide to awning prices

awning with bungalow brackets

I hope this answers your question on whether you can get patio awnings for bungalows.

double awning with brackets

My advice would always be get in touch with an expert if you are not sure.

If you live in Leicestershire and need more advice please give me a call on 0116 2769771 to arrange a home visit.

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