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How much do Wooden Venetian Blinds cost?

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How much do wooden venetian blinds cost? How much of the work are you willing to do?

Getting a Bespoke blind fitted will bring on a range of benefits for you and will make your life a million times easier. Ever bought a blind that didn’t fit correctly? Whether or not you have the exact measurements of your window, ever found yourself going to every blinds shop on earth without any luck on matching your measurement? Most stores will bring you the perfect measurement, but 9 times out of 10 these are for standard sized windows. The vast majority of people are troubled and irritated as their window is not standard size, affecting more than 70% of homes in United Kingdom.

One of the first questions we get asked is how much do our blinds cost?

At Barlow Blinds total honesty and transparency is really important to us so hopefully, this article will help you in the search for the right blinds.

When it comes to prices the first thing to consider is the level of service you require. What I mean by service is how much of the work are you willing to do yourself.

  1. You take full responsibility. The cheapest option when buying wooden venetian blinds is buying them ready made from a DIY store like B& Q or Dunelm. These blinds are made to set sizes. You will need to measure your windows, cut down the blind if there size is not exactly right and then fit the blinds yourself. My advice with this type of blind is fit them on the outside of your window so you will not need to alter the width of the blind if it wider than your windows.

    Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind
    Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind
  2. You take some responsibility. The next option when it comes to price is a made to measure blind that you measure and install. If you are confident in your ability to measure and fit the blinds then you can get them made to your exact requirements. The best way to buy these blinds are online. You will get a good selection of colours and the prices will be pretty good.
  3. A professional company take full control. This option is where most blind companies sit. They will visit your home, measure your windows and show you the samples they offer. This level of service will carry a premium price as the company will take full responsibility and offer a guarantee on the product and the installation.barlow blinds measuring window for blinds

So we have talked about the level of service you may need, the other big influence on price is the type of wooden venetian blinds you are looking for.

Wooden venetian blinds sold in the country are made in 2 ways.

Trim to fit: These blinds account for over 80% of the wooden venetian blinds sold in the UK. They are made over seas at set sizes and shipped over in large containers. Then as the name suggests they get altered to fit your window sizes.

Benefits of Trim to Fit Blinds:

  1. Price………They are mass produced to keep the cost low.
  2. Quick Delivery……….As the blinds are already made and just need altering delivery times can be quick

Downsides of Trim to Fit Blinds:

  1. Quality……. These blinds are produced on a fairly large scale so the attention to detail can sometimes be a little lacking.
  2. Control Spacing…… All of these blinds will be made to the same specifications with the control cords being 100mm in from the end of the blinds and then get trimmed to your size. So blind 1 the control cords could 100mm in from the end and blind 2 the cords could be 50mm in from the end depending on how much the blind needed trimming by.
  3. Size limitation….. The maximum width of these blinds is 2400mm
  4. Headrails………  The most structural part of the blind (the headrail) will be made from either aluminium or plastic (easy to cut down) The strength of this part will have a huge effect on the lifespan and reliability of your blinds.

Bespoke: Bespoke blinds as the name suggests are made from scratch to your exact requirements.

Benefits of Bespoke:

  1. Choice……. These blinds offer a huge selection of colours, designs and textures. For example our Privacy range offers 32 different colours, 5 different pelmet styles, 6 different rail colours and 4 different acorn styles.
  2. Headrail….. Usually made from steel ensuring they are the most robust and reliable blinds available.
  3. Quality….. These blinds are not mass produced so the attention to detail is far greater.
  4. Control spacing…… Unlike the ‘Trim to Fit blinds’ the control cord spacing will be the same on every blind no matter what size your window is.
  5. Size…. Bespoke blinds can be made up to 3000mm wide.

Downsizes of Bespoke Blinds:

  1. Price…. As with everything designed to your exact requirements bespoke blinds will cost a little more.
  2. Delivery times…. Again as the are made from scratch to your specification they will take longer to produce, generally between 3 and 6 weeks.

I hope this has helped explain how wooden venetian blinds the pricing of wooden venetian blinds work and below are some prices at various sizes for the products we sell, these prices include everything, measuring, installing and on site guarantees. DIY stores and online blind will be cheaper.



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