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Motorised blinds with Alexa

Motorised blinds with Alexa is only something that has been available for the last few month, but it is pretty cool.

Our motorised range of blinds can all be voice activated via Alexa. The future really is here.

Order any blind from the motorised range and the only extra cost to make your electric blinds with Alexa is for the hub that connects to your router.

The hub not only allows your motorised blinds with Alexa, but also allows you to control your blinds from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

The hub also allows you to schedule your blinds to work without you have to press a button or talk to Alexa.

You can program your blinds to close a a certain time at night, then open again at your preferred time in the morning. Imagine never having your children lazing in bed in the summer holidays because you have set their blinds to open at 9am. Priceless.

The scheduling also works really well when you are away on holiday as your home will look occupied with the blinds moving up and down.

Back to motorised blinds with Alexa, we have had it up and running in our showroom for a few weeks now and we have learnt some things that are really useful when ‘teaching’ Alexa to work your blinds.

Alexa voice controlled blinds

You can not use the same word to operate different blinds in different rooms at different times, for example.

“Bedroom blind open”, “Living room blind open” will not work as Alexa can not handle several phrases with the same words.

We do use ‘open’ and ‘close’ on one blind and ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ on another and this works fine you just need to use a little imagination with your phrases.

We have also found that keeping the words as simply as possible helps. If the word you use sounds similar to another word then Alexa doesn’t always understand. We tried the word ‘view’ and Alexa sometimes heard ‘hue’ so the blind would not operate.

The great thing is the app is really easy to use so you can experiment with various words and phrases until you find the ones that work best. Remember keep it simple.

I hope this helps you with your motorised blinds with Alexa, I would recommend a visit to your local blind dealer to try it for yourself.

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