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Motorised blinds for sliding doors

Motorised blinds for sliding doors are becoming more and more popular.

There are a number of issues with blinds and sliding doors that you need to consider.

  • Generally there is not enough room between the sliding panels to fit motorised blinds to the doors.
  • Sliding doors tend to be fairly wide, so you may need several blinds side by side to cover the full width.

The maximum widths for a single motorised blinds for sliding doors can vary for for different blind type.

  • Motorised Vertical Blinds our recommended maximum width 4800mm
  • Motorised Roller blinds our recommended maximum  width 2400mm
  • Motorised Duette blinds our recommended maximum width 3000mm

Motorised blinds for sliding doors  are the perfect option if you have to have multiple blinds to cover the width.

Manually operated blinds tend to be controlled by a chain or cords, not too bad if you need 2 blinds as you can have one chain on the left and one on the right. More of a problem if you need 3 blinds. Do you want a chain hanging in the middle of your doors.

Motorised blinds have no such issues.

There is also no need to run power cables into each window as most modern blinds can either be battery powered or rechargeable.

Battery powered is not as bad as it sounds, you won’t be placing batteries every few weeks. We have a motorised Duette blind on display that is 1800mm wide and 2100mm deep and get used several times a day and we change them every 8 months.

Rechargeable blinds charge in a similar way to your mobile phone. Just plug in a charging cable every few months, then remove the cable when the blind is charged. Simple.

allusion blind open allusion blind closed

Allusion Vertical Blinds

Roller Blinds over french doors

Roller Blinds (note the gap between the 2 blinds)

Purple Duette Blinds

Duette blinds . (One wide blind and one smaller blind for the opening door)

I really hope this information has helped, and I would recommend a visit to your local blind shop to discuss all of the options available to you.

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