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A Leicester Blind Company

” It should be made law that companies should have the place where there company is based in their name. So you should be called Barlow Blinds of Leicester. That would have stopped me ordering my blinds from a company in Bradford!”

This comment came from a very irate customer, who had purchased blinds from an agent working in Leicester but representing a company in Bradford. He was having real problems getting the issues he had addressed solved, which is why he came to us.

What he says does actually make some sense, knowing where the blinds for your home or workplace are made is fairly important, especially if you have any issues. The level of service you receive could vary greatly depending on whether the company is local.

Doing a little home work will help you find a local supplier who manufacture blinds in your area.

If you want to take it to the next level as Mrs Ravenstone did, you could visit the factory and see how things are done.

“Could we really visit you’re factory? You wouldn’t mind us having a look?”

Its not something we normally get asked but I love the idea of our customers showing an interest.

Rather than just taking them round on the day they placed their Vertical Blind order, we left it a couple of days so they could actually see their own blinds being made.

Our staff were actually quite excited by the thought. The bins were emptied, the floors were swept and the deliveries were packed away.

I scheduled a 20 minute visit, maybe half an hour at most. 2 hours later Mrs Ravenstone was sat having tea break with the staff.

To be fair she had earned it, she had started the louvre cutting machine running for the fabric on her patio door blind, she had built on of the rails (with a little help) and she had put the weights and chains on to one set of her louvres.

“I can  sit at home and look at my blinds knowing I helped make them, and I now know that Tom makes the rails, Ady cuts the fabric and Caron stitches and packs the fabric”

I love the fact that every blind we make is personal. They are made to fit your windows, in your chosen colours and to your exact requirements and if you really want to go the extra mile we would love to show you how we do it (Manual labour is optional).

On a serious note supporting local business in whatever trade they are in will really help the local economy.

We are a Leicester company, and our blinds are made by Leicester people for Leicester people.