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INTU Blinds for bi fold doors.

INTU blinds for bi fold doors are a great solution and will work on most bi fold doors.

I say ‘most’ bi fold doors as we have come across some bi fold doors that it is simply not possible.

The easy way to tell if INTU Blinds could fit in your bi fold doors is by looking how closely the panels are when the door is folded back.

Bifold blinds

Do they touch ? If the frames touch then a standard INTU Blind would not be suitable.

On the standard INTU Blinds there is a small fascia that sits in front of the frame, so you would need enough clearance between the frames when they are folded back. (15mm per blinds, so 30mm in total if you have 2 frames sitting back to back)

Blinds in a conservatory You can see the fascia I am talking about on the blinds in the above picture.

The pleated blind option has the thinnest fascia, the venetian blind version has a slider built into the fascia that allows you to tilt the blinds, so you would need even more clearance if you like the idea of the venetian INTU.


If you have enough clearance then perfect INTU Blinds for bi fold doors are exactly the right product for you.

They need no drilling, no screws so you do not run the risk of affecting the guarantee on your lovely new doors.

The brackets simply push behind the rubber seals in each corner, and then a small aluminium strip runs between the the 2 brackets.

If you haven’t got enough clearance with your frames then a brand new product called INTU Micro could work for you.

intu micro blinds

Design for doors with very little clearance as the the fascia on the standard blind has been removed, so as long as the measurement from the glass to the edge of the frames is more than 23mm then a Micro INTU will work.

This product is still very new so is only available as a pleated blind in 6 colourways.

INTU Blinds for bi fold doors are available in several frame colours including anthracite grey which is the in colour for bi fold doors.

bifold door blinds Blinds blocking the sun

I hope this helps, and it may be worth a visit to your local blind showroom to see them for yourself.


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