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Installing blinds……………Anybody could do that!


“Installing blinds is simple, so why should I pay you to install mine ?”

This was a comment made to me in a customer’s home, and if you know what you are doing and you have the right equipment it can be very simple.

The problem with installing blinds is not too many people really know what they are doing including the ‘professionals’.

poor fixing 1crop


This blind was installed by one of our competitors. Somebody who should know what they are doing before they start putting holes in your home.

poor fixing 2



When it comes to installing blinds we spend a lot of time and money training our installers and continually improving what we do.

A new fitter will spend 12 to 18 months shadowing an experienced installer before we allow them to visit site on their own and then it would only be for the more straight forward jobs.

Even our experienced installers still enjoy learning and I’m really proud to announce that we have the first NVQ qualified blind installer in Leicestershire.

steve dipolma

I know our installers are very good and it is really nice to be able to prove it.

The really nice part about the NVQ qualification is that I was part of the team that wrote the NVQ and the training guides, so it was great to see first hand how the assessment and site visits went.

The long term goal of the team was to have all blind installers qualified to carry out work in your home or workplace. We know this won’t happen in some companies as paying over £3000 per installer will put many off, but for those who understand how important it is when working your home to give their customers the added reassurance of knowing that their staff are fully qualified to carry out the work.

A blind falling down can be at the very least annoying, and at the other extreme can be dangerous. This picture below shows an awning that had been installed by a garage door company with totally the wrong fixings.

If this had come down on someone it could have been very dangerous.

awning fallen crop

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