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How to Clean Roller Blinds

How Do You Clean Dirty Roller Blinds?

Window blinds are a great way to keep the sun out of your home and maintain your privacy. Roller blinds in particular are a great choice, as they’re easy to operate and can be made from a variety of materials. However, like any type of window treatment, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. We discuss some tips on how to clean your roller blinds, so you can keep them looking their best.

Regular Cleaning

To keep your roller blinds looking their best, it’s important to give them a regular cleaning. You can do this by using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Vacuum the blinds in both directions – up and down, as well as side to side. You may also want to use a lint roller to remove any dust or pet hair.

If you have any particularly stubborn dirt or stains, you can use a damp cloth to spot clean them. Simply use warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth, but be sure not to soak the blinds, as this can damage the material. Also make sure to let your roller blinds fully dry before rolling them back up to prevent the formation of mould.

Deep Cleaning

Every once in a while, your roller blinds will need a deeper clean. If there are stains that regular cleaning hasn’t been able to remove, you can try using a professional solution. You can also make a cleaning solution at home using equal parts water and vinegar. Just be sure to test this on a small inconspicuous area of the blinds first, as some materials may not be colourfast.

If a stain is truly engrained, you may need to use a soft brush or an old toothbrush to work the solution into the blinds. Try to brush in the direction of the blinds’ weave to avoid damaging them. Once you’ve removed the stain, be sure to rinse the area with clean water and dry it thoroughly.

Removing Mould From Roller Blinds

Roller blinds situated in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen are especially susceptible to getting a build-up of mould. If you notice any mould on your roller blinds, it’s important to clean it as soon as possible.

To remove mould, you may need a more powerful, professional cleaner. However, if professional products aren’t helping, you may need to take them to a dry cleaner or other professional who can treat them.

It’s important to try and prevent mould from appearing in the first place. To do so, make sure to keep your roller blinds clean and dry, and open them up to let air circulate when you can. You should also try to keep the humidity levels in your home under control, as this can help prevent mould from forming.

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