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How much does a patio awning cost ?


How much does a patio awning cost ? Will come down to a few simple questions.

How much work are you willing to do yourself ?

You can buy awnings from a local DIY store for as little as £99. This option you will have a somewhat limited choice. In sizes available, the fabric selection and the awning style.

You will also have to have an understanding of how to fit the awning as this is something that you will need to do yourself.

If your not DIY minded then you can get a professional blind and awning company to supply and install your patio awning. Prices for this level of service will start from around £1200 and can go as high as £7000, but that would depend on the size and model of your choice of awning.

There is no reason why you couldn’t install your own awning, but a little word of warning. You need to have a good understanding of what you are fixing to and the correct fixings to use.

It is not the physical weight of the awning that needs to be secure, but the wind loading that will cause the real problems. Think of it as fitting a large sail on the side of your house.

Even the so called ‘experts’ get it wrong. We got called to a patio awning that had fallen down that had been installed by a garage door company. The fixings they had used are perfectly good for installing garage doors, but nowhere near strong enough to cope with the wind.

The picture below shows the fixings they used, compared to a fixing we would use. You can clearly see the difference.awnings

This picture shows what happened to the patio awning, it was a good job no one was sat underneath it at the time it came down.

awning fallen


We spent over 130 years learning how to fit awnings and we want you to enjoy everything a patio awning can offer, so please be careful.

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As you can imagine the quality and choice of patio awnings varies massively when you compare the DIY Awnings and the bespoke patio awnings.

First difference is the sizes that are available, bespoke awnings are made to your exact size requirements and can go from 2 metres wide up to 15 metres wide, and the projection (distance it comes out from the wall) can go up to 4 metres.

There is also a range of frame colours available with the bespoke blinds (our awnings are available in 47 frame colours as standard) whereas the DIY Awnings tend to have white frames.

The other huge difference is the quality and selection of fabrics.

Have you ever wondered how you clean an awning cover? A few of the bespoke awnings come with Teflon coated fabrics that are self cleaning, so you never have to worry about getting on your stepladders with broom in hand.

self cleaning fabrics

Modern fabrics also block 99.9% of UV rays. These rays are what cause your carpets and furniture to fade, so when you match your patio awning with a sun / wind sensor you will never have to worry again, because if the sun comes out so will your awning, and if the wind picks up it puts itself away.

I hope this has given you an insight into why some awnings cost hundreds and others cost thousands.

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