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How much are vision blinds?

How much are Vision Blinds ? is a little difficult to answer for everyone.


Vision blinds can seem expensive when compared to a traditional roller blind, but when you think about it a vision blind has twice as much fabric as a traditional roller blind.

The price will also depend on your choice of fabric and the supplier of the blind, we do have designer vision blinds and they can be double the price.

The prices I have listed are our starting retail prices and include measuring and installing in Leicestershire, where you live might also make a difference when answering how much are vision blinds?

How much are Vision Blinds ?


1000mm wide x 1200mm deep £242 inc vat

1500mm wide x 1200mm deep £292 inc vat

2000mm wide x 1200mm deep £339 inc vat

Patio / French / Bi-fol doors

1000mm wide  x 2000mm deep £348 inc vat

2000mm wide x 2000mm deep £459 inc vat

The maximum width of a Vision blind is 2700mm, so if your windows and doors are wider then you would need multiple blinds


Most Vision blinds we installed are in front of doors, but there is a brand new version that can fit directly on to the door. Don’t worry the perfect fit Vision blinds do not need any screws or drilling into the frame of the door. Please note these blinds are suitable for French Doors,. Bi-folds and sliding doors will have to have the vision blinds fitted in front of the doors.


Vision blinds in red


Vision blind in black

Vision Blinds in the open position allow extra light to enter the room, whilst still keeping a good level of privacy. Whereas with a traditional roller blind is either up or down.

Vision blinds closed

Line to opaque panels in the fabric and you have total privacy.


The prices quoted are for side chain operated Vision Blind, as you can see in the video you can operate your blind with a remote control. Prices for that start from £99 per blind, again this will depend on the manufacturer.


I hold this helps to answer the question of how much are vision blinds?

A visit to your local blind showroom would be well worth it, so you can try before you buy.

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