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How much are electric blinds ?

How much are electric blinds ? is not the easiest question to answer because it will depend on the style of blind you are looking for, roller, vertical, venetian etc and also the fabrics, colours and finishes you maybe looking for.

The simple way that I can help give you an idea of how much electric blinds are is to give you an idea the price would be to go from a manual blind to electric.]

How much are electric blinds? Roller Blinds

To upgrade a standard roller blind to electric start from only £149.

For £99 you get a rechargeable roller blind with a remote control handset.

The battery is built into the blind so is not on show, and the motor charges in the same way as your mobile phone.

Simply plug a charging lead in every couple of months and leave until the blind is fully charged and then remove the lead.

Simply and neat as there is no need to run cables into your windows.

The remote control can operate up to 5 different blinds.

The other option for roller blinds is mains powered. Mains powered blinds are usually used when the blinds are very big (so the battery power would not be strong enough) or when the house is being built as you would need to get an electrician to run power cables into each window. That is better done before the walls are plastered.

The cost to upgrade a standard roller blind to a mains powered roller blind would be £199.

How much are electric blinds ? Vertical Blinds

For vertical blinds currently there is only one option and that is mains powered, so you will need to find a neat way of running a cable from the nearest plug socket to the blind.

Battery power is not available as you need too much power to move the louvres backwards and forwards.

The cost to upgrade a standard vertical blinds to an electric vertical blind would be £600.

How much are electric blinds ? Wooden Blinds

As with roller blinds there are both battery and mains powered options for wooden blinds.

I would only recommend battery power if all you want to do is tilt the slat to alter the light entering the room.

If you want to raise and lower the wooden blind then I would always go for the mains powered option as the weight of raising a wooden blind would run the batteries down very quickly and having to change batteries regularly is expensive and annoying.

The cost to upgrade a standard wooden blind to battery powered tilt only is £199 and a mains powered blind that would tilt and raise and lower would cost £249.00

This covers are 3 most popular blind types, but there are other blind styles available with various options so it may be worth a visit to your local blind showroom.

There are also other upgrades if you are looking at electric blinds so you can operate them from your smartphone, and schedule them to operate when you aren’t at home, and even to make your blinds voice activated via Alexa.

I hope this has helped in giving some idea of the cost of electric blinds and it helps you choose the right blinds for your home.

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