How much are Allusion Blinds ?

How much are Allusion Blinds ? is a little difficult to answer.

As a product Allusion Blinds are very new and very unusual so the prices can vary massively largely because of how good it looks.

I’ve come across prices that are way above the normal margins blind companies charge, again because it is different and there is very little competition.

So getting back to the question ‘How much are Allusion blinds?’ which is the reason you clicked on this article.

The prices quoted are what we would charge to have an Allusion Blind measured and installed in Leicestershire.

The majority of Allusion blinds we sell are fitted in front of Patio, French and Bi-fold doors as that is what the product was really designed for.

How much are Allusion Blinds ?

2500mm wide x 2000mm deep £563 inc vat

3000mm wide x 2000mm deep £631 inc vat

4000mm wide x 2000mm deep £891 inc vat

5000mm wide x 2000mm deep £1111 inc vat.

Those sizes should give you a good idea for the bigger sizes, there is no reason why you could have them on smaller windows.

1200mm wide x 1200mm deep £183 inc vat

1800mm wide x 1200mm deep £259 inc vat.

As you can see from these prices that Allusion Blinds are more expensive than traditional Vertical Blinds, but you are getting something that looks pretty special.

allusion walk through


You have all the practicalities of a vertical blind with the looks and feel of curtains.

As you can see in the picture the fact that you can walk through them is the reason we sell so many on doors.






In the open position the voile will filter the light allowing you to have a view of the outside.

allusion open










In the closed position you have total privacy and protection for your carpets and furniture from the direct sunlight.

allusion closed

Remember when it comes to how much do Allusion Blinds cost the prices are what we would charge and may vary depending where you live and also the company quoting for your blinds.

We manufacture Allusion Blinds in our factory, so companies will buy them in from a third party so there costs will be higher than ours and it is not the fact that they are trying to over charge you. My recommendation is if you think their price is too high get other quotes.

I hope this information helps and I hope you love your Allusion blinds as much as we do.

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