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How do night and day blinds work?

How do night and day blinds work? is a little difficult to explain in words and photos, but I’ll do my best.

Night and day blinds can also be called Vision, Twist and Duo blinds. They are all the same type of blind but called different things by different brands.

They operate the same way as your traditional roller blind. With a roller at the top that can be operated either with a chain or a remote control.

The difference between a traditional roller blind and a night and day blind is that a night and day blind has a double fabric.

The two layers are made up of translucent (voile) and opaque stripes.

how do day and night blinds work? close up




How do night and day blinds work?  The front layer of fabric moves independently of the back allowing  the stripes to glide between each other giving an open and closed effect.





A traditional roller blind with just a single piece of fabric is either up or down, whereas the night and day blinds gives you a third option when it comes to controlling the light entering your room.

How do day and night blinds work? Open position





How do night and day blinds work? By lining the voile section of the fabrics it will allow you to filter the light and still be able to see out (see photo), not an option for a traditional roller blind.








How do night and day blinds work? Total privacy is achieved by simply matching opaque to opaqueHow do day and night blinds work? Closed position


The video shows the effect perfectly. By operating the chain as you would do with a traditional roller blinds the fabrics move creating an open / closed effect as they move up and down.

There are a number of different fabrics available from subtle whites and creams to vibrant reds, greens and yellows. Add to that the modern greys and silver tones there is a fabric to suit every room.

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The first video showed how the blinds are operated with a chain, and as I said earlier they can also be operated by remote control.



As this video show there is now a night and day blind that can be fitted to your doors without having to drill or screw any brackets in to the window frame.

I hope this helps to explain how do night and day blinds work?

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