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How are electric blinds powered ?

How are electric blinds powered? is a question we are getting asked more and more.

There are several ways to power your electric blinds, some are pretty neat and simply, others need a little more planning.

How are electric blinds powered? will also charge from blind style to blind style, so really your first descion to make it which blind style do you prefer ?

How are electric blinds powered ? Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have several power options. Firstly battery powered, this is the most cost effective way of powering your blinds, in our case this would add just £99 to the cost of your blind.

Battery powered roller blinds come in 2 different styles. Separate battery packs that attach behind the blind and you replace the batteries when required, or the more popular option of an integral rechargeable battery that works in the same was as charging your mobile phone.

Simply plug the charger into the blind every couple of months or so, then just remove the charging lead when the blind is fully charged. No changing batteries and no ugly battery packs to hide.

The other alternative is mains powered roller blinds. This power method needs a little more planning as you will have mains power cables to hide. As you can imagine this is a more costly option as you will need to run power cables to each blind.

How are electric blinds powered? Vertical Blinds

There is only one option for powering a vertical blind and that is mains power.

The reason for mains power is because of the power needed to not only twist the blind but also move the fabric backwards and forwards would drain the batteries very quickly.

How are electric blinds powered ? Wooden Venetian Blinds

As with roller blinds there are 2 options, battery powered and mains powered.

Battery powered is a great option if you only want to tilt the slats open and closed. Battery powered is available also to raise and lower the blinds but it drains the batteries very quickly, so it is not something we would recommend as it will get expensive and will be annoying after a while.

If you do want to raise and lower your wooden blind then I would always recommend mains powered blinds.

You will have not issues with tilting or raising / lowering even the largest wooden blinds with the mains powered motors.

How are electric blinds powered ? Honeycomb / Duette / Cellular blinds.

Exactly the same as roller blinds they can either be battery or mains powered.

Due to the lightweight nature of these blinds then battery power works very well, in fact we have 3 duette blinds on display in our showroom that are battery powered and have so far lasted over 18 months.

They can be mains powered but again you have the issue of hiding the power cable.

I hope this helps you make the right choices for electric blinds for your home, but a visit to your local blind showroom might be worth a look.

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