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Home visits…. We won’t waste your time !

home visits

For our trade home visits are very, very important, so I’m constantly amazed by how some companies treat potential customers.

We understand how valuable your time is so we have a policy for all home visits. You will be given a 1 hour time slot and our representative will be there within that 1 hour slot

It seems from a conversation I had with a lady this morning that some of our competitors feel their time is more valuable than yours so will expect you to wait in all day. That’s fine for people who are retired or look after a young family but for those of us who work losing a days pay to get a blind quote is a lot to ask.

What amazed me even more is that when our competitor finally arrived at 4.30pm the first thing he said was he was running late and could only stay for 15 minutes. No pressure then.

I was gobsmacked, after waiting in all day he would only give her 15 minutes of his time.

We have very strict rules about home visits:

  1. We arrive within the 1 hour time slot promised at the time of booking.
  2. We will stay at your home until you are happy you have got all of the advice you need and have seen as many fabrics / colours as you wish.
  3. The time allowed for a home visit will be dictated by the number of blinds you require. Minimum of 1 hour for 1 blind and up to a full day for a more complex job.
  4. We do not pay commission. So there is no pressure and we will not stay in your home for hours.
  5. The home visit we are at takes priority over the others, if we are with you we will stay until you have seen enough.
  6. ‘Catch up’ gaps are left in the daily schedules, so should a call run over we can get back on track very quickly.
  7. The only price we give is our best price, no extra discount if ordered today, no sudden drop in price if you don’t agree to our first quotation.

These  time rules work the same for our fitting teams.

We have learnt over the last 130 years that it is our customers that pay our bills and making things as convenient as possible is really important, and this starts with the home visits

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