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Burglar breaking glass

Home security….as recommended by the police!



Home security is important for all of us, I couldn’t think of anything worse than not being comfortable in my own home.

I love visiting people’s homes to talk about blinds, but twice this week I’ve visited homes where they wanted blinds because they had a break in over Christmas and the police had recommended getting blinds installed  as part of better home security.

Stopping the wrong people being able to see through your windows will make a huge difference to your home security and your peace of mind.

The type of blind does not make too much difference to the security as long as the fabric you choose is not see through, but wooden venetian blinds are very difficult to get past if the windows have been used to access the property.

The latest trend in window blinds are blinds that can operate from the top down, so the bottom half of the window is still covered for privacy and the top is open to let in the light. These are a great option from a home security aspect.



If you feel you need extra security then automated blinds might be the answer. These blinds can be programmed to move up and down while you are out, a very option when you are away on holiday.

The cost of motorised blinds has dropped massively over the last few years, for example the extra cost have a remote controlled roller blind is only £99, with the timer remote control at £45 (as seen below).

louvolite remotes

There are far more extensive remote controlled options with their own app so you’re blinds can be operated from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.


If you are going to have blinds on timers for home security then the upstairs bedrooms would be the perfect option. No one can see in when the blinds are open and you normally close your blinds at bedtime so nothing will seem out of place.

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