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Home Automation for blinds… the future is here.

When it comes to home automation for blinds things have changed massively in the last few years.

4 years ago if you wanted blinds in your home that you could operate from your phone/tablet or programmed to operated a certain times of the day, then you would need to run signal cables to each blind all connected to a central point.

You would be looking at a cost of £20,000 upwards depending on how complex the system was.

2 years ago everything changed with the introduction of Powerview home automation for blinds.

The only extra purchase you would need to make on top of the blinds themselves is the powerview hub, and at only £249, it is much cheaper than the £20,000.

The other advantage with powerview is not having to run any extra cables to the blinds as they operate on your wifi system.

Home automation for blinds means you can operate your blinds from your phone or tablet and you can also program your blinds to move a certain time of the day.

So if you want all of your blinds closed at 8pm then they can be scheduled to do that without you touching a button.

We had a customer who loved star gazing so he ordered top down blinds so his bedroom blinds covered the bottom half of the window and he could lie in bed and look at the stars.

His blinds were then scheduled to close at 2.30am so he wasn’t woken by the morning sun.

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Home automation for blinds has also had another nice addition, voice activation via Alexa.

Go can now ‘talk’ to your blinds to get them to open and close. This feature is available with the hub at no extra cost.

The future for home automation for blinds is already here.